Selected Publications

We showed that indirect facilitation through grazing can maintain lower trait dominance and higher niche differentiation in the beneficiary plant communities. This work is a step forward for the integration of positive interactions in the community ecology framework.
Journal of Vegetation Science. Accepted, 2018

Recent Publications

. Monitoring ecosystem degradation using spatial data and the R package spatialwarnings. Methods in Ecology & Evolution. Accepted, 2018.

Code Source Document

. Spatially heterogeneous stressors can alter the performance of indicators of regime shifts. (2018) Ecological Indicators. 94 (1): 520-533., 2018.

Source Document

. Effect of selective precommercial thinning on balsam fir stand yield and structure. In The Forestry Chronicle., 2013.



Positive interactions and community assembly

Integration of positive interactions in community ecology.


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